What is Shinkyu University?
ShinKyu University is the premier online Japanese acupuncture study course for students and professional acupuncturists to learn and practice new skills. ShinKyu University was created to help acupuncturists from around the world fill the gap in their TCM knowledge and become confident in Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion.

Japanese Moxibustion Workshop
September 17-18, 2022 

Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
1441 York Street Denver, CO

You have Arrived at the Premium Online Learning Academy for Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion

What will I learn in Shinkyu University?

  • Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion history
  • Foundational Japanese acupuncture techniques, such as nenshin (drill technique) and lift and thrust technique
  • Moxibustion rolling and rice grain technique for direct application
  • ​Palpation skills: Introduction to hara diagnosis and how to cultivate palpation sensitivity
  • ​Proper guide tube tapping for painless, gentle needle insertion
  • ​Bloodletting
  • ​Concept of live points, or using palpation to effectively choose and treat along the meridian
  • ​Proper posture for career longevity
  • ​Introduction to Iyashi No Michi style
  • ​Shonishin or pediatric acupuncture 

Why should I enroll in ShinKyu University?

ShinKyu University welcomes practitioners of every level. From seasoned veterans to new students, everyone will benefit from the foundational skills learned in ShinKyu. Post-graduation, acupuncturists find themselves without mentors or guidance to ask the questions that come up in practice. Books can only take you so far and often leave you with many unanswered questions and unchecked bad techniques. The result is that many acupuncturists get burned out from treating too many patients and frustrated from too many poor treatment outcomes. Oftentimes, acupuncturists will turn to weekend workshops to stay active in the community or learn new skills. The problem is that most teachers in these workshops do not teach the basics and do not have any continued follow up. More importantly, the student doesn't have consistent access to the teacher to ask questions and receive feedback.
ShinKyu is also great for students currently enrolled in TCM programs. While TCM education is extremely comprehensive for theory, it lacks technical and hands-on training. Through ShinKyu University, you can develop your palpation and needling skills BEFORE entering into practice. This is an amazing way to feel confident and achieve the desired results in practice coming out of school.

What is ShinKyu University?

For far too long, learning Japanese acupuncture outside of Japan was a challenging endeavor. Geographical and language barriers prevented access for many acupuncturists looking to explore Traditional Japanese Medicine. The inspiration for ShinKyu University came after seeing countless acupuncturists- from new graduates to tenured professionals- lacking basic, foundational, and technical skills. This becomes apparent when trying to apply needling and diagnostic palpation skills in your clinical practice. Without strong, foundational technical skills, it’s hard to get effective and lasting results in your practice.  


Enrollment is easy! The first step is to set up an interview to determine what ShinKyu University can provide for you. Contact Maya to schedule an interview today.


How do I enroll and what is included?

ShinKyu is comprised of a four-part learning series 

Phase One: The first part is ShinKyu University is the fundamental course: Japanese Fundamental Acupuncture and Moxibustion Blueprint (JFAMB). This lays the groundwork for basic Japanese theory and technique. You will have full access to the foundational and skill videos that are focused on developing Japanese acupuncture needling and moxibustion techniques. The student is responsible for reviewing these videos independently. 
Phase Two: After the JFAMB is complete, the student is invited to participate in the bi-monthly, live online study group, where the skills are honed under the mentorship of Maya Suzuki. During these study groups, every student will demonstrate acupuncture and moxibustion techniques for constructive suggestions and helpful hints. There is an active Facebook group to post any questions. Students are encouraged to participate in this group daily with case studies, real life application, and guidance in practice. 
Phase Three: After the fundamentals have been learned and practiced, ShinKyu University offers in-person workshops available to all participants. During these workshops, we will have the opportunity to work together in person to further enhance our skills and practice palpation, acupuncture, and moxa. The workshops will cover a variety of different topics, such as pediatrics, advanced hara diagnosis, acupuncture needle techniques, moxa application, and more. The fee and place for these workshops will be determined at the scheduling of these workshops.
Phase Four: Through ShinKyu University online learning platform, you will have access to continuing educational opportunities, with guest lectures and classes. This stage is currently being developed and will consist of advanced online and possibly, in-person workshops from high-level practitioners within the global Japanese acupuncture community. These workshops intend to take the student to the next step in learning, giving them access to teachers of specific lineages within Japanese acupuncture. The fee for these courses will vary on the teacher and the content provided. 
The best part of ShinKyu University is that lifetime membership is included in the tuition. This means that you have access and continued mentorship throughout the longevity of your participation. For North American students, ShinKyu University has a minimum of 16 PDAs available with NCCAOM and California accreditation. Up to two additional PDAs are available PER MONTH for participation in bimonthly acupuncture and moxibustion online study groups. With participation in these online study groups, up to an extra 24 PDAs per year can be earned.  

What our students say?
Hi! I'm Maya Suzuki. Nice to meet you.

I'm glad you're here!

I have helped countless acupuncturists through mentorship and tried and true methods to get better results with every needle and cone of moxa and have confidence in their treatment approach and application.

 After years of coordinating and translating for international acupuncturists learning Japanese acupuncture, I noticed a strong trend: Acupuncturists, trained outside of Japan, spend over $10,000 and decades just trying to learn Japanese style treatment.

The problem is that most never really create a strong foundation for that knowledge, and they very rarely, if ever, have a mentor to shape their learning. I started ShinKyu University to change all that, and I've distilled my approach down to this document and would like you to have it for free!

So dig in! I can't wait to hear your clinical results!

Where did I learn acupuncture?

I was very fortunate in my education. I have had excellent teachers and a community who has guided me, even before I entered acupuncture school. I still am involved with my study group in Japan, Iyashi No Michi, and have a mentor to ask questions. To repay my teachers' teachings, I have decided to fill in the gaps of the TCM education and create a lifetime mentorship and membership program called: ShinKyu University.

Maya Suzuki, L.Ac.
Learn the 3 Secrets of Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapists

Get Clinical results now without changing your treatment style

All information presented in this course was taught to me by my teachers in Japan.
I do not own the rights to any of the techniques in this course.
The presentation and methods of teaching (platform and stages of learning) were created by me.

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